Past events:

Rewelacyjny & Plama

Rewelacyjny & Plama

  • Place: Jazzga
  • Start: 21:00

Rewelacyjny Luciano – turntables
Doktór Plama – turntables
Kuki Monstah – turntables
Etam Crew – live painting


Hydrofoniks is a group which contains three members – Doktór Plama, Książę Maharadża Kawuru a.k.a. Senor Soul & Rewelacyjny Luciano. This time, ladies and gentleman – you will have a great opportunity to have fun with music of 2/3 of the crew. The history begins with two of them – Doktór and Senor Soul some time ago, when Doktór was a resident of Caryca and Ministerstwo in Kraków. After some time Rewelacyjny Luciano joined the group. They have played in many places in Krakow as Piękny Pies, Ministerstwo, Łódź Kaliska and travelled with their music selection a lot outside the city. They’ve played together with Piękni Chłopcy, Przeplach, Good Paul, Eltron John, Envee, Iza Kowalewska. Also because of them – you could hear Minimatic and Patchworks on tour.
The music they play in their sets is a blend of soul, jazz, funk, afrobeat, disco, jazzdance etc. They are also fascinated with Polish and easterneuropean music from 60s and 70s which is always a part of their dj sets.
Rewelacyjny Luciano presents a crossover of soul, deep funk, disco and new music with 60s and 70s influences with a little bit of jazz, easy listening and library. He was playing in Krakow, Poznań, Praha, Warsaw and Wrocław. He used to run a radio show “Jazzpanorama” in and together with the rest of the crew they run a show called “Mamy Dla Was Kwiaty”
All of them are very active in cultural scene of Krakow and responsible for a lot of parties (for example “mamy Dla Was Kwiaty” series or regular parties in Alchemia basement). Doktór is responsible for most of the cultural events in Łódź Kaliska in Kraków.
Live paiting will be performed by Etam Cru (Sainer, Bezt) this time. The host of the series Kuki Monstah will support his guests as usuall.