Past events:

Przaśnik  & Joan

Przaśnik & Joan

  • Place: Jazzga
  • Start: 21:00

Przaśnik (Bontone & En2ak) – turntables
Kuki Monstah – Turntables

Joan – B-day


Happy b-day JOAN!

PRZAŚNIK is, nowadays, one of the most interesting dj/producers crews in Poland composing music around funk/soul/jazz stylistics, however their exact style is very hard to classify. The tandem has released two seven inch vinyl singles in FUNKY MAMAS AND PAPAS. Last year they hit the stage with the great LP – AZYMIC. Bontone (the Jon Kennedy Federatoin member, UK) is also a finalist of the competition for the best remix of Skalpel’s „Break in” organized by NINJA TUNE records. They released it as an vinyl with other remixes of „Break In”. Przaśnik are also authors of sixth edition of FOOTPRINTS – a collection of dj mixes focused on jazz sounds of jazz music. En2ak is also an author of the nineth edition of this series. They have also taken part in FONOTEKA series. Nowadays they are collaborating with artists from the whole world preparing their material as well as focusing on solo projects. Coming to the Przaśnik dj sets you can expect a mix of funk, soul, jazzfunk, dancefloor jazz, nu-jazz, funky breaks, afrobeat and golden era hip-hop.
Second guest of the evening will come from Wroclaw as well. Painter, sculptor and illustrator OTEK is an extraordinary artist whose main gallery is street. His work is rooted in graffiti which he took up in the late nineties. His creations although placed in the street context are specific reinterpretations of rural legends and timeless folk mythology.
Kuki Monstah the host of the party is going to support his guests as usuall.
During the party- we celebrate our photographer b-day. Happy B-day JOAN!