Past events:

Papa Zura & Tyber

Papa Zura & Tyber

  • Place: Jazzga
  • Start: 21:00

Papa Zura [Soulservice,Lublin] – turntables
Cookie Monster [Soulconfectionery, Lodz] – turntables
Tyber [Lowicz] – streetart live


It is going to be the LAST SATURDAY of THE CARNIVAL… but to be honest – it really doesn’t matter, as later we are not going to slow down! ;) Our ambition is to provide you good music for the whole year! That’s why this time – our main guest is the member of SOULSERVICE crew. Together with Cpt.Sparky, Misty and Burn Reynolds they promote funk & soul music in Poland for long time. The group released few compilations called POLISH FUNK where they present re-editions of the old Polish music from the Iron Curtain era. All the songs in the collection have one thing in common- the funky groove. Now the 4th edition of Polish Funk is released.

Zura will provide for you all the best rhythm and blues, rare funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, the Latin America music, a little bit of african grooves and of course some of the rarities of the polish groove which has been recorded during the communism. And remember- Papa IS a Rolling Stone!

The Canvas – this time will be painted by Tyber who has been already painting in the Soul Confectionery parties. In Lodz city – he is mostly known from the mural on Zachodnia 50 street which he created together with Gregor. This 300 square metres masterpiece refers to the textile industry and film tradition of our city. Of course this is only one of the plenty of Tyber’s works. He is also a sculptor and fashion designer.

As a support dj – as always there will be the host of the series- COOKIE MONSTER.


All the photos here are made by Joanna Wider- our superphotographer. Thanks!