Past events:



  • Place: Jazzga
  • Start: 21:00

Mr.Krime -turntables [Mako Boko, Kraków]
Cookie Monster- turntables [Soul Confectionery host dj, Łódź]

Ciah Ciah – Streetart live [Wrocław]


If somehow you still don’t know who Mr.Krime is, we can tell you that, firstly he is one of the best Polish turntablists (who proved it many times in different scratching competitions). What’s more, we can assure you that he is a man with great taste of music who will, for sure provide you with a big load of great funk, soul, jazz grooves. Mr.Krime has been presenting his sets across whole country and in many places abroad. He has played or supported such artists like Q Bert, Dj Vadim, Afrika Bambaata, and musicians such as Sławomir Jaskułke, Krzysztof Dziedzic, Krzysztof Pacan, Piotr Wylężoł, Jarosław Śmietana just to name a few. Together with Daniel Drumz and Jim Dunloop they form a group called Mako Boko.

This time the canvas will be painted by Ciah Ciah, who’s works you can check on the streets of many Polish cities, but also abroad.

Like every time- the host dj- Cookie Monster will support his guest with his collection of vinyl records.

plakatpraca Ciah CiahaCiah Ciah & Krimemr.Krimepijane towarzystwociah ciah work