Past events:

Makala & Arka / Global Funk

Makala & Arka / Global Funk

  • Place: Jazzga
  • Start: 21:00

Makala [Kraj Basków, Global Funk, Lovemonk rec.] – turntables
Arka [Kraj Basków, Global Funk] – turntables
Kuki Monstah [Soul Confectionery] -turntables
Aqualoopa – live painting



In Soul Confectionery series- we believe in Endless Summer. That’s why the first guest of the new season is coming to visit us directly from Basque Country, the place where you can’t complain about the lack of the sun.

Mikel Unzurrunzaga Schmitz a.k.a. Makala is a dj and music producer coming from Zarauz. Everything he has made until now- from his debut Hondartzan (Metak label) to 7 inch single Cartoon Tune/Partio La Tabla to Vamos a Comer EP gets a very good feedback. His dj sets and music which he produces is a musical eclecticism mixing funk, soul, jazz and more tropical elements of cumbia, boogaloo, rumba and other latin stuff. Privately, Mikel is also a surfing fanatic. The best compilation to scare the winter which is coming to us!

Makala is also a member of Global Funk crew together with our second guest this evening- dj Arka. The dj case can look similar to bomb for some of you,but we can definitely promise that Global Funk crew will terrorise you only with the explosion of the best groove in town that night! The turntable styluses should already tremble with fear! ;)

During the party you will get, as usuall a set of music selected by the host dj from Soul Confectionery- Kuki Monstah.

Also – traditionally, we will bring you a painter who will take care about the visual part of the show, filling the big canvas on stage, live for you. Aqualoopa is a graphic designer and illustrator. He is also a member of Artybishops and Long Long bands.

Soul Confectionery, Aqualoopa live painting in Jazzga 23.10.2010, Łódź from Aqualoopa on Vimeo.

orain: 60 makala bartzelonan from debolex films on Vimeo.