Past events:

10 Urodziny Jazzgi / Cpt.Sparky

10 Urodziny Jazzgi / Cpt.Sparky

  • Place: Jazzga
  • Start: 21:00


Cpt.Sparky [Soulservice, Wwa] – turntables
Kuki [Soulconfectionery, LDZ] – turntables

painting live:
Zado & Taro



This time Soul Confectionery party will be held during the 10th Jazzga club anniversary week. For this special occasion we have invited for you a polish funk soldier – Cpt.Sparky from Soulservice crew. The group for few years promote funk and soul music in Poland. They have released few vol.of Polish Funk series – the compilation of polish music where the common ingredient is GROOVE. In Polish Funk series you can hear the music of Henryk Debich – the bandmaster of Łódzka Orkiestra Rozgłośni Polskiego Radia.

You can expect the best rhythm & blues, rare grooves, old funk music, soul, jazz, South American music, a little bit of african rhythms and everything what has a good organic groove.

He will be of course supported by Cookie Monster- the host of Soul Confectionery series.

The canvas will be painted this time by Zado & Taro.