Past events:

Mop Mop

Mop Mop

  • Place: Pauza, Kraków
  • Start: 22:00

Mop Mop – dj/live set
Andrea Benini – turntables, effects, percussions
Pasquale Mirra – vibraphone

Kuki Monstah & Piekny Chlopiec – turntables


Andrea Benini -musician, producer, and brainchild of Mop Mop. His debut album “The 11th Pill” was released in Italy in 2005 by Tam Tam Studio and later re-released in Japan in 2006 by P-Vine Records.
For more than ten years, Andrea Benini has been active in the music world. His live musical appearances have explored a large variety of musical genres, from Jazz to Funk, Rare Groove, Electronica and so forth.
Andrea has worked on the musical scene with many well known Italian Jazz musicians, like Gianluca, Petrella, Domenico Caliri, Pasquale Mirra, Guglielmo Pagnozzi and great producers like Paul Murphy,Gerardo Frisina,Maxwell Implosion,Montefiori Cocktail.
He has released music in labels like Sony/BMG,Wagram,Infracom,
Mop Mop’s first single “Perfect Day”(a Bobby Cole’s track, which was featured on Gilles Peterson Digs America) was released by Deja Vù Records in 2006, with a remix of the Schema artist Gerardo Frisina.
The single, Perfect Day has obtained good international success and has gained a lot of recognition through DJ’s like, Gilles Peterson, Michael Ruetten, Dom Servini, and Simon Harrison.
Mop Mop’s second album,Kiss of Kali,has gained a big recognition and definitely put the combo into the most important club-jazz scene around artists like The Five Corners Quintet,Nostalgia 77,Nicola Conte and Koop.
Andrea Benini has also worked with the Italian specialized magazine “Percussioni”, by interviewing drummers like Joey Baron, John Riley, and Skip Haden, just to name a few. He is performing live and djing across Europe,USA and Russian Federation.Actually he is living and producing his new work in Berlin.
The special guest of the night will be supported by Kuki Monstah, the host of the Soul Confectionery series and Piekny Chlopiec.