Past events:

Envee/Dominik Trębski/Ciah Ciah

Envee/Dominik Trębski/Ciah Ciah

  • Place: Jazzga
  • Start: 21:00

Envee [Wwa] – turntables
Dominik Trębski [Wwa] – trumpet
Cookie Monster – turntables
Ciah Ciah [Wrocław] – streetart


ENVEE is mostly known in Poland because of his incredible talent to producing music. Most of people knows him from cooperation with such an artists like FISZ (Fisz Envee „Fru!”) and NATU (Natu Envee „Maupka Comes Home”). Together with MACEO WYRO he formed a group NIEWINNI CZARODZIEJE (INNOCENT SORCERERS). ENVEE has been also cooperating with MARIA PESZEK and ANDRZEJ SMOLIK, with whom he creates a duo – POIKA. This great dj and producer is also taking part in experimental live band of TOMASZ STAŃKO.

He is also an author of theatrical music working with Usta Usta , Porywacze and Polski Teat Tańca theatre groups.

ENVEE is going to perform together with DOMINIK TRĘBSKI – great trumpeter mostly known from TWORZYWO SZTUCZNE and MUZYKOTERAPIA bands. He finished the Jazz Department in Warsaw Music School.

We have also a person responsible for the visual site of the party- CIAH CIAH – a painter from Wrocław. Skulls and pyramids fetishist.

COOKIE MONSTER will be there as usuall supporting his guests with his selection of music.