Past events:

Dj Late & Tyber

Dj Late & Tyber

  • Place: Jazzga
  • Start: 21:00

Dj Late [KRK] – turntables

Kuki Monstah [LDZ] – turntables

Tyber – Live painting


Dj Late is already known in Łódź because of his latest guest performance during Diggin Fest. For few years he has been playing parties in Krakow where he moved from Łódź. In both cities he is promoting mostly funk, soul and 70’s/80’s disco, however he also plays some nu-disco, house and other contemporary dance music styles. Last year he used to play as a resident of Ministerstwo and Mish Mash club, but beside that – had some guest appearance in Łódź Kaliska (KRK), Slodko-Gorzka (ZG), Piękny Pies (KRK), Funky Music Bar (KRK), Materia (KRK), Meskal (PZN), Stare Kino (PZN), Bagdad Cafe (LDZ), Kamfora (WRO). For one year, together with DJ Buttons they run a radio show in

During the party – as usual – Kuki Monster will support his guest. The canvas will be painted by Tyber